Karibuni is a swahili word which means Most Welcome in English or Herzlich Willkommen in German or Bien Vienne in French. It goes a long way to underline the hospitality with which African hosts treasure the company of their guests.

Karibuni forms part of the atmosphere at the Kolping Guest House, Nairobi, a proof that African customs and traditions associated with hospitality are as universal as are the Christian values by which the Kolping ideals are inspired. Therefore, guests who stay at the Kolping Guest House, Nairobi, will experience that special feeling of welcome that characterises the best of African hospitality.

Guests at Kolping Guest House find the atmosphere most welcoming and the service as good as they would expect anywhere in the World. Therefore, the Kolping Guest House serves as a home away from home for its visitors. Security is guaranteed. Partons' expectations are met by the best service provided at the most reasonable rates.

Staying at the Kolping Guest House ultimately forms part of the happy memories of its guests so that when they go back home, they wish to come back for a longer and more pleasant stay at the Kolping Guest House. Therefore, Karibuni and feel at home at Kolping Guest House, Nairobi. Come and stay in comfort at an affordable rate.