Operative Service Tariffs:

Single Rooms 94,000/= ($55) Bed and Breakfast
Doubles and Twins 143,000/= ($84) Bed and Breakfast
Tripple Rooms 186,000/= ($109) Bed and Breakfast
Garden Hire 500,000/= For Wedding Receptions and other Parties. Includes: Chairs, Tents and a Stand-by Generator
Hall Hire 350,000/= For Workshops, meetings and Seminars. 1,000,000/= For Parties and wedding reception.
African buffets range from 15,000/= to 25,000/= per plate Depending on variety
Vehicle (car hire) Price is negotiable depending on the distance
Open Bar:
Beers 3,500/= per bottle
Sodas 2,000/= per bottle
Full Menu of the Restaurant   -   Full list of Beverages
All Rooms are Self Contained with hot water, connected to DSTv and Intercom.